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Eicher Starline School Bus

The new bus from the Eicherís stable is a fully built up bus on light duty platform offering superior economy of operation with the best safety features which have been the hallmark of the Eicher school buses. Thus, offering the best value for money. The range is available from 25-40 seating capacity.

Jointly designed by Eicher and IRTE (Institute of Road Traffic Education) this bus comes as a genuine assurance of safety and comfort for school children. The exclusive safety features of this bus like the Speed Alarm along with various other features sets it apart from any similar product in this category. In a nutshell, the Starline School Bus symbolizes the trust that parents place in a school. The responsibility they carry. And everything that conveys the right image of the school. The image of love, care and trust.


Salient features of Eicher Starline School Bus are :

Extra smooth sliding windows fitted with safety bars.

"Stop" sign comes out with the door opening Rear top of the seats are padded to minimize head injury in the event of sudden impact.

Speed alarm unit near the driver to monitor the speed of the bus.

Two handles on the rear side of the seat at convenient height (even for children) - providing support for holding while the bus is in motion.

A First-Aid box.

Seat adjacent to jack knife door is rear facing, to prevent the passenger from falling through the door.


MODELS 10.50E 10.75H 10.90K
Wheelbase (mm) 3350 4050 4800
Overall Length (mm) 5800 7485 8677
Rear Overhang(mm) 1445 2430 2872
Front Overhang(mm) 1005
GVW(kgs) 5400 7450 8720
Engine Type E 483 TCI cooled diesel
Displacement 3298 cc
Max Power 70 KW(95 HP) @ 3200 rpm- BSII
68 KW(92HP) @ 2800 rpm- BSIII
Max Torque 10.50--> 275 Nm (28 Mkg) @ 2100 rpm- BSII
10.75, 10.90--> 299.5 Nm (30Mkg) @ 1440 rpm- BSII
10.50,10.75,10.90-->260Nm(28 Mkg) @ 1600 rpm- BSIII
CLUTCH 275 mm dia, Single dry type plate
Gear  5 forward & 1 reverse. 2-5 Synchromesh,1 Reverse  Constant mesh
Member size Ladder type "C" channel frame; 181mm ( web) x 65mm (flange) x 5mm (thickness)
Front Suspension Semi Elliptical Laminated Leaf Spring (6 leaves)
  Hydraulic double-acting telescopic type shock absorber
Rear Suspension Semi Elliptical Laminated Leaf Spring (6 leaves)
  Hydraulic double-acting telescopic type shock absorber
Battery 12V-70 Ah
Alternator 12V-45 Amp
STEERING  Manual type, recirculating ball and nut typeTiltable and Telescopic Steering
Service Brakes Dual Circuit Hydraulic Vaccum Assisted
Tyres (Front) 7.50 * 16-14 PR
Tyres (Rear) 7.50 * 16-14 PR
Fuel tank 100lts
Standard 25+1 32+1 40+1
Light Duty Vehicle Heavy Duty Vehicle Passengers & Chassis

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